Fliperz Day Care Centre

Early Years Nursery Provision & Out of School Club

Welcome to Fliperz Day Care Nursery. This page will provide you with an insight into the organisation and workings of Fliperz.

Fliperz - a subsidiary project of Merkinch Enterprise - has been successfully running as an out of school club since May 1995. National Lottery Charities Board funding was granted in June 1996, and the Merkinch Hall in Simpson's Lane was purchased, and redesigned specifically for childcare purposes.

In December 1998 it was decided to extend the service offered by Fliperz, and expand into full day care for children aged 2 to 5 years. We have funded nursery places since 2000 working in partnership with the Education Department within the Highland Council.

Pleasant surroundings and professionally trained staff enable us to offer quality care for young children, in a unique, safe environment.

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Fliperz aims:

  1. To follow the Curriculum of Excellence and the National Curriculum guidelines based on how good is our early learning and childcare. Document and Care Standards (0 - 16). All staff are registered with the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC)
  2. To ensure all children are safe, healthy, achieving, nurtured, active, respected, responsible and included (SHANARI Indicators) within the centre
  3. To provide quality, affordable child care for the public in a safe, friendly secure environment
  4. To work closely with all parents / carers, local centres / principal teachers and the wider community to promote our understanding of your child
  5. To provide your individual child with a balanced and varied play and learning environment
  6. To promote positive interaction between individual children during play
  7. To provide stimulating and enjoyable activities, which will promote your child's development
  8. To promote self-esteem and development through training and self-evaluation

We are committed to providing a partnership of care for your child, with you - the parent / carer. This will be achieved by Fliperz staff regularly communicating with you, by providing termly parent newsletters, informal discussions about your child's day, and meetings with Stacey, our Childcare Manager when requested. This will provide you with an insight into the learning environment in which your child develops, and will enable us to form a greater knowledge of both you, and your child's needs.

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Planning daily activities

So that we can extend your child's learning experiences through play, we plan using the three key areas of development.

  • Health and well-being
  • Literacy and english
  • Numeracy and mathematics

Other areas within the Curriculum for Excellence will be explored over the children's experiences at Fliperz.

Staff plan activities with the children to suit the individual needs of your child. Staff also have discussions with parents and observe the children daily, recording significant learning experiences through their learning journey.

Children help with the planning through discussion and floorbooks which are childrens drawings and discussions indicating their ideas and interests.

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Fliperz has worked in partnership with the Health Promotion Dept, Highland Health Board, to achieve a 'Certificate of Excellence in the Day Care Environment'. Therefore we provide a range of health promoting snacks, and encourage parents to provide packed lunches which meet with our aim of 'eating healthily'. In the morning children are able to come to the table when they are ready and other are still playing (flexi-snack).

  • Flexi - morning snack - during the week we provide a variety of snacks which include fruit, toast, cereal and milk. 9.30am - 11.00am
  • 12.00 pm - 1.00pm - lunch - provided by parents (please do not include any sweets, lollipops on sticks or fizzy drinks)
  • Flexi - afternoon snack - again we provide a variety of snacks which include fresh fruit, dried fruit (raisins), sandwiches, crackers, milk or juice

Items your child should bring with them to Fliperz

  • Slippers/pumps
  • Change of clothes (please label with your child's name)
  • Packed lunch (if required)

We strongly advise that your child does not bring any toys to nursery. No responsibility will be accepted for loss or damage to toys brought from home.

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Circle Time

Every morning we have circle time, where the children discuss their particular interests. This helps with their communication and language skills and allows the staff to take their interests further.

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National Guidelines

Fliperz Day Care meets with the following guidelines/standards, it is a partner centre with Highland Council.

  • Care Inspectorate Registration
  • Curriculum for Excellence framework for children (ages 3 - 18)
  • Care standards (ages 0 - 16)
  • Promoting learning & assessing children's progress (ages 3 - 5 years)
  • Quality Assurance (QA)
  • How good is our early learning and chilcare

In order to keep ahead of childcare developments, and maintain the high level of care provided to your child, Fliperz works with a range of professionals - organisations and individuals, including:

  • Cala - Care and Learning Alliance
  • Care Inspectorate
  • Health Promotion Dept (Highland Health Board - Child Smile)
  • Health Visitors & Speech Therapist
  • Scottish Office
  • Inverness College
  • Highland Council Education Dept

Above all we aim for children to have fun expressing themselves while learning and to form friendships with children and adults, therefore gaining knowledge and independence within a caring and safe environment. At Fliperz we work to a ratio of 1 adult per 8 children (age 3 to 5) and 1 adult per 5 children (age 2 to 3).

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Additional Needs

Should your child have any additional needs, we shall endeavour to work with yourself, and relevant professionals to integrate your child into Fliperz.

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Once you have visited us, and decided to enrol your child with Fliperz, we ask that you complete a Registration and Contract Agreement form. It is your responsibility to update Fliperz regarding any changes which may affect your child such as nominated adults being able to collect your child and telephone numbers.

Your child must be aged 2½ years before s/he can attend Fliperz. Stacey, our Manager, will inform you about Government assistance for nursery provision for 2, 3 and 4 year olds.

Government Assisted Nursery Sessions are:

  • Monday to Friday 8.45am - 11.55am and 12.30pm - 3pm

Daycare sessions:

  • 8.30 am - 5.30 pm

½ Daycare sessions:

  • 8.30 am - 1.00 pm
  • 1.00 pm - 5.30 pm

Out of School:

  • 2.30/3.00 pm - 5.30 pm

Information about the working families tax credits arrangements can also be discussed in confidence, with Stacey.

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Settling in

It is in the interest of your child for you to have a plan of action when leaving him/her for the first time. We will take the lead from you but would ask that you persevere with settling in arrangements for the benefit of your child, as crying often stops once a parent has left (you can look through the window to witness this or phone during the session). Every effort will be made to ensure your child feels safe and secure at Fliperz. It is only through parent/Fliperz interaction that a goal of quality, nurturing care can be achieved.

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Goals and Boundaries

Our goals are:

  • For your child to enjoy attending Fliperz
  • To feel valued as an individual
  • To be listened to
  • To be able to participate fully in all activities

Obviously we must have boundaries for the children to be able to play safely and to know what is acceptable behaviour at Fliperz. We aim to keep these as simple as possible, and they include the following 8 phrases which some of the children devised:

  • We are kind to others at Fliperz
  • We look after our toys at Fliperz
  • We listen to adults and children at Fliperz
  • We walk while we are at Fliperz
  • We share while we are at Fliperz
  • We tidy up at Fliperz
  • We don't shout or scream
  • We don't play on the stairs

Should the behaviour of an individual child become unacceptable, then we would discuss this with the parent, and work in partnership to deal with the behaviour.

Strategies used include:

  • Discussion with the child
  • Re-direction to another activity
  • Ignoring minor infringements
  • Quiet time

We do need your full co-operation at all times.

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Medical Arrangements

Fliperz staff are trained in First Aid (this is renewed every 3 years). Should your child become injured or ill then every attempt will be made to contact you immediately (you must keep us notified of any changes in work telephone numbers, etc). If we are unable to contact you at the numbers/addresses given, we will call your emergency contact.

We have procedures in place should your child require medicine/inhalers, please discuss this with Stacey, who will give you a consent form and health care plan to complete.

If your child is sent home ill, we ask that they do not return to Fliperz for 48 hours. Exclusion procedures apply to the following illnesses:

  • Chicken Pox - 10 days from onset of rash
  • Measles - 4 days from onset of rash
  • Rubella - 4 days from onset of rash
  • Mumps - until the swelling has subsided

A list of the most common illnesses and injuries are on the wall for you to see at any time. Please come and talk to the Manager if you have any questions.

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Fire drill

A fire drill is carried out at least once per term, to enable all children, staff and volunteers to become familiar with the procedure. The area into Simpson's Lane should always be kept clear when picking up your child, as this is the emergency vehicle access.

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Collection of children

Please keep us informed as to who will be collecting your child. There is a section on the Registration Form for named persons who will be permitted to collect your child. If, in circumstances outwith your control, you have to send someone not on the named list, to collect your child, we ask that you telephone us first to confirm this arrangement, and ensure you send someone that your child is familiar with.

Children become distressed when parents do not arrive on time. If you are going to be late collecting your child, please telephone us.

Could you please remember to sign your name in the signing in book when you drop off your child and when you come and collect them.

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If your child is late, or will not be attending please telephone us (Telephone number: 01463 234232). You will however, be charged for this session.

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Payment must be made one week in advance.

Full day care (weekly rate)
(8.30 am - 5.30 pm, Mon - Fri)
Full day care (daily rate)
(8.30 am - 5.30 pm)
Half day sessions (weekly rate)
(8.30 am - 1.00 pm / 5.30 pm)
Out of School (Term time only)£9.00

Once a booking has been made, payment must be made irrespective of whether or not your child has attended. One months notice must be given to Fliperz when withdrawing your child. Non-payment of fees is only considered in cases of hospitalisation or extreme personal circumstances, and is at the discretion of the Manager.

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Holiday entitlement

Two weeks annual holiday may be taken, without payment. Any additional holiday period must be paid, if we are to retain your child's place.

Fliperz will be closed during the Christmas period, for approximately 2 weeks (exact dates available from staff). Fliperz will remain open for all other bank holidays, school holidays and in-service days.

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Out of school care

Interaction between older/younger children attending Fliperz Out of School Care/Day Care is seen as a positive aspect of your child's development. We believe that both age groups benefit greatly in their social and emotional development.

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Additional information

Fliperz have developed various policies, which are accessible within the playroom.. Some of these policies include:

  • Behaviour Policy
  • Confidentiality Policy
  • Student / Volunteer Policy
  • Staff absence
  • Late parents
  • Curriculum policies
  • Asthma
  • Garden policy
  • Gas policy
  • ICT Policy
  • Development & Training Policy
  • Health and safety
  • Equal opportunities
  • Complaints and grievances
  • Child protection
  • Road safety
  • Outings/Missing children
  • Healthy eating
  • Whistle blowing
  • Fire plan
  • Incidents of violence
  • Child collection

These have been produced for the benefit of both you, and your child, and are reviewed each year. Please feel free to discuss these policies with Stacey, should you have any queries/concerns.

When dropping off or picking up your children you may park your car at the gable end of the building or in Gilbert Street. Please do not park in front of the front door as children will be coming and going.

We hope this guide will enable us to develop a good working relationship with you. Should you have any queries or questions, then Stacey (or any member of Fliperz staff) will be only too happy to advise you.

We hope this information has given you an insight into how Fliperz is run as a Childcare Facility.

To register your child please contact 01463 234232.

We welcome prospective parents to view the facility in action, so please do call in and see us in person.

Stacey Proctor

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Merkinch Enterprise

Merkinch Enterprise is our umbrella organisation which also covers other provisions such as Fliperz Day Care Centre, FREE community training funded by The Tabair Trust and our community newsletter, the Merkinch News & Views. Further information about Merkinch Enterprise can be found here: Merkinch Enterprise

Opening hours

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  • Friday - 8.50am - 4.30pm
  • Closed weekends

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